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Listed below are our various permit application forms.

If you would like to fill out a permit application, please print it out and fill it out by hand, or complete the fillable PDF fields, and send the application, all required documentation, and permit fee check to 12665 Merritt Rd, Chardon, OH 44024, or email it to Please refer to our Permit Cost Schedule below for permit costs.

Highway Use Manual

Permit Cost Schedule

Use our Permit Cost Schedule to determine the cost of the permit for which you are applying

 Trip and Return: For overweight loads to travel to and from a single location. Tire sizes, axle weights, axle numbers, load weight, gross weight, tractor and trailer empty weights, types and license numbers will be required. All axle weights must still be legal as stated in the Ohio Department of Transportation’s Special Hauling Rules and Regulations. $40.00

 Annual Overwidth:  Permit covers legal weight loads that are from 8’6” up to and including 12’ width. A single permit will cover the tractor and any trailers or legal loads that fall within this gross width for a period of one year. $ 25.00

Construction Permit:  Provides a company undertaking a project to permit the oversized loads going to and from a project on a specified route for a specified period of time. A permit is needed for each tractor. $40.00

Special Permits: Permits that require special conditions will be reviewed by the Geauga County Engineer’s Office and any special arrangements, routing, bonds, escorts, videoing of the roadway, contact with utilities, etc. will be made with the applicant and all applicable parties. Each permit will be reviewed individually to determine what arrangements will need to be handled and whether the permit will be granted. An example of a special move is a building/house move. $40.00

 Driveway Permits: Driveway permits are required for proposed driveways within county and township rights of ways. The Engineer’s Office will determine the correct size and inspect the installation of drivepipes within County rights-of-way. Townships will be responsible for inspection of drivepipes installed within their Township’s rights-of-way. $ 75.00

Highway Use Permit: This permit is for any excavation within the right of way, The Geauga County Engineer shall be responsible for receiving applications for permits; Reviewing the application and plan; issuing permits; inspecting construction to insure conformity to the permit; and maintaining records of all applications and permits. $30.00

Ditch Enclosure Permit: Provides information and input from the Engineers office to correctly enclose a roadside ditch, the engineers office will determine the correct size and inspect the installation of the pipe within county right of way, the permit holder will bare the cost of materials and construction labor. No charge for permit

Please make checks out to Geauga County Engineer. Please mail your check to 12665 Merritt Rd, Chardon, OH 44024.